Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2979 dated 01-02-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Pub's bill for wine (6)
4.Supporter leaped exultanty about the street (8)ANAGRAM of LEAPED+ST for STREET
9.Acted evasively being naturally guarded (6)
10.Short of cash in inn, I'd get thrown out (8)ANAGRAM of INN ID GET
12. Hands and feet for example (8)
13.Profession has run rapidly out of control (6)>
15.Team with an air of superiority (4)
16.Generally helpful he has the odd idea to abscond (4-2-4)ANAGRAM of IDEA+DECAMP for ABSCOND
19.Put in a difficult position when a tip gave offence (10)
20.Moist yet may be on fire (4)
23.Is about to revolt but flags (6)
25.He's willing to let others succeed (8)
27.Be patronising in speech and overbearing in argument (4,4)
28.Threaten one politician with death (6)
29.They may give me a lord's estates (8)ANAGRAM of ME A LORDS
30.Divert expedition around summit (6)

1.Place the poor actor bleats about (7)
2.Obviously guilty with a fistful of diamonds (9)
3.A site for a roadway (6)
5.A misshapen nose ages (4)ANAGRAM of NOSE
6.Times are changing for Arab states (8)ANAGRAM of TIMES ARE
7.Keynote of The Messiah (5)
8.Goes flat out arranging tenancies to rent (4,3)
11.Bowl with hand over (7)
14.Lease in legal document taken out (7)
17.Possibly meant to go round some accommodation (9)ANAGRAM of MEANT+PART for SOME
18.Set out to get a fiancee (8)
19.Letter that is spelt badly (7)ANAGRAM of IE for THAT IS+SPELT
21.Knock up a note before ten? It can be true (7)
22.Site my allotment to hinder golfers (6)ANAGRAM of SITE MY
24.Badly riled he's not keen to work (5)ANAGRAM of RILED
26.Make progress by crawling perhaps (4)
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Created at 11.00 hrs IST on 01-02-2015 from Bangalore

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