Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2983 dated 01-03-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Touched for a drink (6)
4.Four in search for data (8)ANAGRAM of SEARCH+IV for FOUR
9.Dagger mark ruins blouse (6)ANAGRAM of BLOUSE
10.Classmate? Precisely (8)
12. Indicate that the score is not quite accurate (8)
13.I'm given a role to communicate (6)>
15.Sally is right to help (4)
16.He contributes to the liquid assets of a bank (5,5)
19.Musical livewire (10)
20.A return of service which is some way off (4)
23.Is able somehow to get safely down to rock bottom (6)ANAGRAM of IS ABLE
25.How initially ownership may be established (8)
27.Part of a computer network for a new tramline (8)ANAGRAM of TRAM LINE
28.Dark red strand (6)
29.Antigone's form of denial (8)ANAGRAM of ANTIGONE
30.Tenant in the French diocese (6)

1.One who swears or turns into a drunkard (7)
2.I conspire to perfection (9)ANAGRAM of I CONSPIRE
3.They want fair play presumably (6)
5.Castle in the air (4)
6.House completed but not bought (4-4)
7.House constructed badly in Virginia (5)
8.Dishonourable person retiring to rest perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of SHY for RETIRING+REST
11.Property of the upper class (7)
14.Not a good case for charity appeal (4,3)
17.Being villainous use no fair play (9)ANAGRAM of USE NO FAIR
18.A boxer is a dog one has to register (8)
19.Little Charles gets a number correct (7)
21.Love of two churches (7)
22.Go looking for a scrap when surrounded by the enemy (6)
24.Sucker in starting price swindle (5)
26.Card game for well-off circle (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 01-03-2015 from Bangalore

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