Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3218 dated 01-09-2019 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Second thoughts about offensive practical jokes (6)
4 Trade using former coins (8)
9 Very large game bird (6)
10 New gardener brought in the crop (8)ANAGRAM of GARDENER
12 Tricked into side issues (8)ANAGRAM of INTO SIDE
13 There’s a change in the Old Testament (6)ANAGRAM of THERES
15 Betting system punters have to carry (4)
16 When to be lenient? (7,3)
19 A brave line to adopt (6,4)
20 In Laos look for the capital city (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
23 Released or shot (3,3)
25 Nice ruse turns out to be unsafe (8)ANAGRAM of NICE RUSE
27 Shocking bounders caused perjury to be committed (8)ANAGRAM of BOUNDERS
28 Made fun of, as umbrellas are (6)
29 Place set aside for development (4,4)
30 Last of the latecomers gets rotten seat (6)

1 Throw out a proposed scheme (7)
2 Given the situation, dad was brought up sharp (9)
3 Restrain and punish a schoolboy (4,2)
5 It won't help to diagnose a superficial complaint (1-3)
6 They are engaged in outdoor pursuits (8)
7 Direction from the governor that must be obeyed (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
8 Getting on in life (7)
11 Swallows what's flung, perhaps, in two directions (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of FLUNG
14 Stretch a point and look inside (7)
17 Bud's tired out, having being roused from sleep (9)ANAGRAM of BUDS TIRED
18 Weary far-out traveller (8)ANAGRAM of WEARY FAR
19 I will shortly become accustomed to being maltreated (3-4)
21 Time the bowler started? More than time! (7)
22 Tear in distress, in one's eye (6)ANAGRAM of TEAR IN
24 Odd tribe passing through Rome (5)ANAGRAM of TRIBE
26 Temperature in the freezer ordinarily (4) CONTAINED INSIDE
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 01-09-2019 from Bangalore

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