THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3205 of 02-06-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 The way bargees walk (7)
5 Gets messing about in boats (7)ANAGRAM of IN BOATS
9 Stranded silver ring (7)
10 There's no end to such things (7)
11 It beats to death (5)
12 Not hard currency (4,5)
13 Contemplate a large drink -- or two (3,6)
15 Pretended to have worked as a model (5)
16 Listened to the sound of the cattle (5)
18 Prospero's perverted tyrant (9)ANAGRAM of PROSPEROS
21 A law to punish backward people in abstemious surroundings (9)
24 Drive for mile trip round pithead (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of MILE
25 Original place for holding races every four years (7)
26 Holding soldiers back in a unit is a bloomer (7)<
27 Entail a change of name for a girl (7)ANAGRAM of ENTAIL A
28 Give one the right name (7)

1 Every set-up about it is instructive (7)
2 Emergency rations for fighting? (7)
3 Majority status (9)
4 Avoid committing oneself about agricultural land, perhaps (5)
5 Fail to heed an alarm (9)
6 Unit for heating the small room (5)
7 Games period (7)
8 Hunted to include a song that's turned out (7)
14 Exploded with fury when there's commission to pay (9)
15 I'd put in now for a position in the society (9)
16 One who'd have to change for the dance (7)ANAGRAM of ONE WHOD
17 He should be able to identify any salt compound (7)ANAGRAM of ANY SALT
19 Drink alcohol as a prop (7)
20 Free of duty (7)
22 Representative aptly turned out (5)ANAGRAM of APTLY
23 Business deal (5)
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