Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3105 dated 02-07-2017 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Back in a jiffy (6)
4, 12 You and me for example (8,8)
9 German sub (6)
10 Its members are outnumbered (8)
12 See 4 across (8)
13 About to let it stand outside on the way (6)
15 Girl who is about to have a meal (4)
16 Final move of vice-consul (10)ANAGRAM of VICE CONSUL
19 Do get a line reconnected to the embassy (10)ANAGRAM of DO GET A LIBE
20 Dress ring lost by Greta (4)
23 Dim sun, when out will hardly encourage it (6)ANAGRAM of DIM SUN
25 Charge less for tenderloin? (8)
27 It could go up in the depression ( 8)
28 Perfect voice for a trio (6)
29 Entered the lists (8)
30 Shout about jellied eel in the salad perhaps (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of EEL

1 Church eminence (7)
2 Caught us to face this sort of sentence (9)
3 This idea will get you into no trouble (6)ANAGRAM of INTO NO
5 Give out the wrong time (4)ANAGRAM of TIME
6 Loudly call out twice after a plea for silence (5,3)
7 One is creating a din (5)ANAGRAM of ONE IS
8 Infantile habits (7)
11 Rude and very Scottish sort of hut (7)
14 Bill is an aristocrat, it's said (7)
17 Get cross with Eric and Basil when upset (9)ANAGRAM of ERIC BASIL
18 Type of porcelein food container (8)
19 Possibly end with a true version but wholly false (7)ANAGRAM of END TRUE
21 Artillery associated with assault (7)
22 Qualification awarded in sixty minutes (6)
24 Don't allow an untidy beard (5)ANAGRAM of BEARD
26 Spend unwisely being depressed (4)
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Created at 08.00 hrs IST on 02-07-2017 from Bangalore

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