Sunday Times Crossword-3027 dated 03-01-2016 (Bangalore)

Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3027 dated 03-01-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.A way of acting (6)
4 Involved in a quest for relics of a bygone age (8)ANAGRAM of IN A QUEST
9 Address for delivery? (6)
10 Display skill in flying machines (8)
12 Takes commission away from money collectors (8)
13 A lever used to take the lead off (6)ANAGRAM of A LEVER
15 Gracious! What an uncommon chap (4)
16 Blues associated with the early 1930s (10)
19 Esteem I have for the individual (10)
20 Friends back strike (4)
23 Pet journal distributed around the first of May (6)
25 Ian, to her, may appear as a character lacking charisma (4-4)ANAGRAM of IAN TO HER
27 Busy outside at start (8)
28 Riches gained by breaking the law (6)ANAGRAM of THE LAW
29 Compelled to use violence at the end (8)
30 Possibly push to a conclusion (6)ANAGRAM of PUSH TO

1 Seating is never enough with such chairs (7)
2 Values a rest and rues being disturbed (9)ANAGRAM of A REST RUES
3 Blooming choir made a mess of a number (6)ANAGRAM of CHOIR+D for A NUMBER
5 Hard tack (4)
6 Not liable to be stumped for a pay demand (8)
7 A habit socially acceptable and wise (5)
8 Prepared scheme - for winning a tennis match? (3,4)
11 Brutally involving cutlery (7)ANAGRAM of CUTLERY
14 Thwart before escape (7)
17 One is well rid of it (3,6)
18 Criminal who runs a bankrupt business (8)
19 Substitute one fabric for another (7)
21 He foresees a hold-up over the reform (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of THE
22 Washing day queue (4,2)
24 It's an idea to turn up healthy to a doctor(5)
26 Pen a note making personal complaint (4)
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