Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3192 dated 03-03-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Relative in the RAF (6)ANAGRAM of THE RAF
4 Don't lose that quiet shyness (8)
9 An English bowler knocked it for six (6)
10 A doctor, not one for a dull speech (8)
12 Cook heats pan for a bird (8)ANAGRAM of HEATS PAN
13 It's a method of printing, not filming (6)
15 Not all fire alarms are genuine (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
16 A neat farm structure (6,4)
19 Blunders and gives short change (10)ANAGRAM of GIVES SHORT
20 There's something in climbing, it sort of grows on one (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
23 Before this time in the past (6)
25 Mishap caused by stress, I'd go into that (8)
27 Rises for the workers? (8)
28 Chase gives us pure diversion (6)ANAGRAM of US PURE
It is involved with change in education (8)ANAGRAM of IT CHANGE
30 Instruction for the French boy (6)

1 Twenties girl who panics easily (7)
2 Moderate team peter out (9)ANAGRAM of TEAM PETER
3 The boy most likely to succeed (6)
5 African goes up into space (4)
6 Possible secret of not having to pay (4-4)ANAGRAM of SECRET OF
7 Quarters of an acre out of doors (5)ANAGRAM of DOORS
8 Chose to delete a hundred perhaps (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DELETE
11 Add to the general confusion (7)ANAGRAM of GENERAL
14 Still there's point in this branch of mechanics (7)
17 Ladies expected to succeed (9)
18 Cause amazement to a holy man on his involvement (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ON HIS
19 New way to carve ham (7)ANAGRAM of TO CARVE
21 Bird pecked another (7)
22 Work out in person (6)
24 Not a hot certainly, but he plays his part (5)
26 Blueprint for a tail-less aircraft (4)
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