Sunday Times Crossword-2975 dated 04-01-2015 (Bangalore)

Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2975 dated 04-01-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Decorated around noon , has to deliver a speech (6)
4.A bleared version possibly isn't (8)ANAGRAM of A BLEARED
9.How to amuse motorists? Hardly (6)
10.Struggle in which the services prove decisive (3-5)
12. Admitting the whole sum is due (8)
13.A song from men circulating with hat (6)ANAGRAM of MEN HAT
15.Slide in flexible disk (4)ANAGRAM of DISK
16.Where one may find a small jumper in a big top (4,6)
19.To lead on is wrong causing great distress (10)ANAGRAM of TO LEAD ON IS
20.Top brass turn is a black marketeer (4)
23.Southern wines blended for strength (6)ANAGRAM of S for SOUTHERN+WINS
25.Eggs this saint on at times (8)Not solved
27.A doctor, one with a nervous twitch seen in the sea (8)
28.Irregular delivery (2-4)
29.Essential requirement if the standard 8is to be raised (8)
30.Wisely arch about how old one is (6)

1.Sea Lord orders trials (7)ANAGRAM of SEA LORD
2.Strange things to join together in works of fiction (9)
3.Disconcerted by cricket ball unfairly bowled (6)
5.Tie up about ten and depart (4)ANAGRAM of TIE+X for TEN
6.Elegant braid one makes (8)ANAGRAM of BRAID ONE
7.Tree for the seashore we hear (5)
8.Snow shoe accepted by some upright Arctic people (7)
11.Swell way to increase prices (7)
14.One titled lady coming up in a flutter (7)
17.Entrance the prisoner is put out at (9)
18.Is it similar to a hurricane light (8)
19.Women's work for girl employees (7)
21.Score six to open in a forceful way (7)
22.Read of new capital investment (6)ANAGRAM of READ OF
24.Smashing man or woman (5)
26.Account for cutting and pruning (4)
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