Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2935 of 04-05-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Absolutely nothing on the radio - due to power cuts? (4,3)
5.Pope with aspiration to become emperor (7)
9.Lacking brothers and sisters and just twelve months old (4,3)
10.It ends a flight in two ways (7)
11.Trevor has no right to get drunk in public (5)ANAGRAM of TREVO (TREVOR after deleting R for RIGHT)
12.Slow worker causing delay (9)
13.With everything to throw around there's nothing left (5,4)
15.Agreed to lose a selfish characteristic (5)
16.,Bulb that's switched lit up (5)ANAGRAM of LIT UP
18.Weak team-member transferred by coach perhaps (9)
21.Check condition and replace (9)
24.NOvice and learner among the mountains (5)
25.Soldier's rejected girl and married woman in Italy (7)
26.Show sluggishness, i.e. train sloppily (7)ANAGRAM of IE TRAIN
27.What letter-writers often claim to be (7)
28. To lead such a life is simple and hard (7)

1.Unsuccessful student making fresh start at Rugby (4-3)
2.I lament about disorder (7)ANAGRAM of I LAMENT
3.Brief error on the cricket field (5,4)
4.The king has one of them (5)
5. Hoist sail to break loose from personal unpleasantness (9)ANAGRAM of HOIST SAIL
6.He gives a direction in the entrance (5)
7.Flatter most sincerely (7)
8.Denied the necessity to create a gun (7)
14.Where to find children who have lost their parents (9)
15.It may be thrust on people in the Sergeants' mess (9)ANAGRAM of SERGEANTS
16. Has a stab perhaps, but gets Ruth mixed up with saints (7)ANAGRAM of RUTH+STS for SAINTS
17.Having a baby but not coming up with the truth (5-2)
19.Throttle great to adjust (7)ANAGRAM of GREAT TO
20.Free news publication (7)
22.Stock pile? (5)
23.IN the border I can find this plant (5)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 04-05-2014

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