Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3014 of 04-10-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1 Much was written on this once [7]
5 Dialect around the Kremlin? (7)ANAGRAM of DIALECT
9 Prepare to use again in secrecy clearly (7)CONTAINED INSIDE
10 This posting means trouble in China (7)
11 No permission for recesses (5)
12 Most foolish however (9)
13 Convince electors it's the only way to vote (3,6)
15 Appropriate ceremonial form in speech (5)
16 Out of such groups one is miserable (5)
18 Examination of litmus? (4,5)
21 Rough site developed in a reasonable way (9)ANAGRAM of ROUGH SITE
24 Country has right to mountain range (5)
25 Perplexing situation for retied cover girl (7)
26 It doesn't make sense but put it in anyway (7)ANAGRAM of IT IN ANY
27 Pull out in time (7)
28 Poverty led to being irritated (7)

1 Mean to cut a vegetable (7)
2 Recognise and select (4,3)
3 Bags of hikers (9)
4 Brief period of enchantment (5)
5 They give directions to navigators (9)
6 It isn't corruption: it is corruption (5)
7 In such rain it's better than walking (7)
8 Support for a runner in the St. Leger (3,4)ANAGRAM of ST LEGER
14 He works his fingers to the bone (9)
15 Journalist's work needs to be bang on time (9)
16 Big steps tried out on board (7)ANAGRAM of TRIED+SS for ON BOARD
17 Uniform - and its wearer (7)
19 Not just relating to some (7)
20 Passed through another station (7)
22 Persuade an agency girl to start typing (5)
23 Issue newly minted coins (5)ANAGRAM of COINS
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 04-10-2015 from Bangalore

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