Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2923 dated 05-01-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Champion boxer perhaps (3,3)
4.Bird painter (8)
9.Morning viva-voce is quite unethical (6)
10.Continentals involved in fracas (8)ANAGRAM of IN FRACAS
12.Burn slowly soon beginning to turn to dust (8)
13.Got the wrong part of a city (6)ANAGRAM of GOT THE
15.I left to start work (4)ANAGRAM of I L (for LEFT) TO
16.Train officer, one in the same class (10)
19.Use fingers to eat a plum in the break (10)ANAGRAM of EAT A PLUM IN
20.A lifetime of bridge (4)
23.Strays around in the woods (6)ANAGRAM of STRAYS
25.Get ready for the night (8)
27.Larry won perhaps but not by a lot (8)ANAGRAM of LARRY WON
28.Such a fare is economical (6)
29.An enclosed place might be costlier (8)ANAGRAM of COSTLIER
30.Is against using Latin (6)

1.Tidy up - start in the passage (7)ANAGRAM of START IN
2.Advertising campaign that should result in more money (9)
3.Carole's making an announcement (6)ANAGRAM of CAROLE
5.Fit of petulance encountered playing draughts (4)
6.A little arch containing a lamp (8)
7.Minimum of a quarter allowed to go round (5)
8.Revive with a little relaxation and a mineral (7)
11.Their lead decreases and they often draw (7)
14.They go on tiny feet (7)
17.Make sweet turnover to follow a spring vegetable (9)
18.False encouragement given on debts (8)
19.Kind of lodge in which Monica;s out of place (7)ANAGRAM of MONICAS
21.Do they have piercing eyes? Just the opposite (7)
22.Extent of one's education (6)
24.Elephant's tail something like a trunk (5)
26.A shade too near the knuckle (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 05-01-2014

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