Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3049 dated 05-06-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Court room is lacking animation (6)
4 Being high in spirits overtips wildly (8)ANAGRAM of OVERTIPS
9 Trader upset by delay (6)ANAGRAM of TRADER
10 Bowlers may hang around here and that's strange (8)ANAGRAM of AND THATS
12 A time when the populace is at cross purposes (8)
13 Dare he twist or stick? (6)ANAGRAM of DARE HE
15 Such pretence is a little short of disgrace (4)
16 Still waiting for proposals (10)
19 Reprimanding and allocating new duties (7,3)
20 Metal van (4)
23 Produce nippers (6)
25 Takes pleasure in being slighted strangely enough (8)ANAGRAM of SLIGHTED
27 Unwanted gas pipes (8)
28 Penthouse let on a new arrangement (4-2)ANAGRAM of LET ON A
29 Fought against being declared redundant (8)
30 Wager about dumb animal being a dog (6)

1 Key men in the penal system (7)
2 Order in an hotel needs to be carried out at once (2,3,4)ANAGRAM of IN AN HOTEL
3 Mistakes upset a sailor in time (6)
5 Top dog say (4)
6 Maybe his place is rented (8)ANAGRAM of IS RENTED
7 Gershwin tune heartless and angry (5)
8 Not interrupted without reason (7)
11 Or in branch of local government area (7)
14 He's angry about the ref being wrong (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of REF
17 The planes might be jumbos (9)ANAGRAM of THE PLANES
18 In this event one may be for it (4,4)
19 Ties the rest in knots (7)ANAGRAM of THE REST
21 Little girl's wrong to misrepresent the facts (7)
22 Pictures a mince pie (6)ANAGRAM of A MINCE
24 Medium for broadcasting three variations (5)ANAGRAM of THREE
26 Pen a note making personal complaint (4)
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