Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2986 dated 26-04-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Battles for what's left (6)
4.Cocktail drunk before the dance (8)
9.Article getting serious towards the end (6)
10.Support a man in it perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of A MAN IN IT
12. Novelist to drink without something to eat (8)
13.Can Sue make good the interest paid on the loan? (6)ANAGRAM of CAN SUE
15.His vessel had a full complement of mates (4)
16.A resolution not to be broken (4,2,4)
19.Turn and jump in amazement (10)
20.Though precious to some it's nothing to a friend (4)
23.Critical point of eating a biscuit (6)
25.Bad comedian becomes frantic (8)ANAGRAM of COMEDIAN
27.Trained cadet due for promotion (8)ANAGRAM of CADET DUE
28.Offer to surrender (6)
29.The longest chord in non-musical circles (8)
30.Did some lines when kept in (6)

1.Gins set up an intrepid fighter (7)
2.Limit the drink; it makes good sense (9)
3.Entirely innocently (6)
5.One who took the lead in old Russia (4)
6.Don't contact workers in their free time (5,3)
7.Turkish leader elected for a second time (5)
8.Light entertainer used to be magic (7)
11.Fruit transported to Capri (7)ANAGRAM of TO CAPRI
14.New-fangled sort of wheel (7)ANAGRAM of FANGLED
17.Salesman, flier and maintenance worker (9)
18.Ordered security in investment (8)
19.Follow on and win (7)
21.Found the tea cold perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of TEA COLD
22.Content of a book (6)
24.A lump in one's throat (5)
26.Just a French mother (4)
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