Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2866 of 6-1-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Refuse a stretcher (6)
4.Sort of work people want to take part in (8)
9.A heavenly model (6)
10.Ammunition in the news (8)
12.Shot drug - crazy man (8)
13.Lines going to a ship back from port (6)
15.Craft exhibited by circle in club (4)
16.Hire candle out for light (10)
19.Game in which Tom goes nap (4,6)
20.Big name in the performing arts (4)
23.Order to start shooting in battle (6)
25.Wars need to be justified (8)
27.Hear a gun go off and let loose a tirade (8)
28.Faster form of attack (6)
29.Girl to sign for earnings (8)
30.Bedclothes used as ropes (6)

1.Youngster with some pride (4,3)
2.Scold or nag. Matter for putting straight (9)
3.Well-known bather's shout (6)
5.Flight in an organised tour (4)
6.Mother joins other females making complaints (8)
7.Drags children around English capital (5)
8.Horseman may give an ace turn (8)
11.Permission to start (2-5)
14.The protracted use of lines (7)
17.Fence Rita builds as common boundary (9)
18.Glass vessel (8)
19.In a group, he doesn't share the others' views (7)
21.Colours blended in Dresden (7)
22.Light whip for light control (6)
24.Two learners in the mountains (5)
26.Certain agreement (4)
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