Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2879 of 07-04-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.How to get round something or perhaps above it (7)ANAGRAM of ABOVE IT
5.False claim about American show (7)
9.Don't agree it could be dangerous (7)
10.Broken satchel fastenings (7)ANAGRAM of SATCHEL
11.Vehicle to travel as freight (5)
12.Gratifyingly remunerative? (9)
13.Destroy bacteria in a way that is Lister's (9)
15.Copper band (5)
16.They may be used for storing stretchers (5)
18.Form empty when filled (3,6)
21Sections making up the column that is backing you (9)
24.I break bail in order to prove I was elsewhere (5)ANAGRAM of I BAIL
25.Not doing well removed from the class (7)
26Some terrible mishap results in a scar (7)
27.Complaint I will put before the Head (7)
28.Go over same route and find a tyre (7)

1.Duties in the services (7)
2.I reveal new name for a girl (7)ANAGRAM of I REVEAL
3.Making excuse I go so pale (9)ANAGRAM of I GO SO PALE
4.Stop being an outsider (5)
5.It goes round in a race (9)
6.Wood spirit (5)
7.They are entitled to a share of what's left (7)
8Angela's cooked an Italian dish (7)ANAGRAM of ANGELAS
14.He knows nothing amusing or out of place (9)ANAGRAM of AMUSING OR
15.Almost all stop outside as usual (9)
16.Italian consumer groups may accept such cases (7)
17.Clue far from being meticulous (7)ANAGRAM of CLUE FAR
19.Employ the Italian in new suite (7)
20.Sounded like a horse tangled in hedge (7)ANAGRAM of IN HEDGE
22.Take sweetheart and run (5)
23.It dies at the end of three months (5)
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