Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2997 dated 07-06-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Nun wanders round the diocese out of sight (6)ANAGRAM of NUN+SEE for DIOCESE
4.Trains regularly? (8)
9.Irregular forces decoration (6)ANAGRAM of FORCES
10.In turn I've become idle (8)
12. It comes in to fight on the other side (8)
13.A metal machine operator in America perhaps (6)
15.Charitable group (4)
16.Spot cash the bookmakers must be prepared to pay out (5,5)
19.Community tax payment? (10)
20.Finished in a superior position (4)
23.Concerning tape being played - it's been on before (6)ANAGRAM of RE for CONCERNING+TAPE
25.I'm married and somewhat the worse for wear (8)
27.Two cutlets at once (4,4)
28.A coin's tossed to find where to have a flutter (6)ANAGRAM of A COINS
29.A late drink to go to one's head? (8)
30.Surplus wealth? (6)

1.Sack a priest with perverted fun with stone (7)ANAGRAM of FUN+ROCK for STONE
2.Turn over in bed? (5,2,2)
3.Tax cut (6)
5.Has now moved south (4)ANAGRAM of NOW+S for SOUTH
6.The Scot has his brief moment of masculine pride (8)
7.Magician's spell (5)
8.Poet is reserved about French female (7)
11.Astronomer to employ loveless contrivance (7)ANAGRAM of TO EMPLOY from which O is deleted (LOVELESS)
14.Possibly saving firm in money difficulty (7)ANAGRAM of CO for FIRM+MONEY
17.Lice in the upper room? Don't worry (5,4)
18.Get over unkind act, that's plain to see (5-3)
19.A contest between two poles and an Arab (7)
21.New cadet or old soldier (7)ANAGRAM of CADET OR
22.Exchange of charity? (6)
24.A picking-up point (5)
26.Chemical gives rise to difficulties (4)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 07-06-2015 from Bangalore

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