Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2958 of 07-09-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Gets inside information in return for savings (4-3)ANAGRAM of GETS+GEN for INFORMATION
5.Half-baked dessert is hard (7)
9.Having eye-drops (7)
10.Globe in orbit (7)
11.Be a fool to be taken back by a princess (5)
12.Cut paying, produce hostility (9)ANAGRAM of CUT PAYING
13.Record-making start to the student year? (9)
15.Many incline to be spotless (5)
16.French river battle (5)
18.Robust binding material (9)
21.Continued in one way to be missed (9)ANAGRAM of CONTINUED
24.Doctor, I have reduced energy (5)
25.Shaw's major character (7)
26.Hazel's hangers-on (7)
27.Retired thespian appearing as Shylock (7)
28. Erudite professor or one of his proteges maybe (7)

1.It's extraordinary to be so incompetent (7)
2.Rock and roll (7)
3.At home in France (2,7)
4.A number love to be excluded in break dance (5)
5. About to be put into a combat plane built to take cargo (9)
6.Notable work over a period (5)
7.Think a Gemini is fantastic (7)ANAGRAM of A GEMINI
8.Can holy orders be so calm and peaceful? (7)ANAGRAM of CAN HOLY
14.Professorial sinecure to fall back on? (4-5)
15.Afrikaans is imitated in a barren part of India (4-5)
16. Take a trip (7)
17.Coalman versus a goddess (7)
19.Beginning a letter perhaps (7)
20.He oils the engine and changes gears with hesitation (7)ANAGRAM of GEARS+ER for HESITATION
22.Characteristic skill rises with it (5)
23.Cuts off import and export facilities (5)
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