CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI (3073 of 08-01-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Town-crier's profession (7)
5 Splendid way of getting rent (7)
9 Period of maritime decline (3,4)
10 Plunder piled so haphazardly (7)ANAGRAM of PILED SO
11 Top scorer's off-drive (5)ANAGRAM of DRIVE
12 Healer for the criminal (9)
13 They make up the family accounts (9)
15 Legend written by northern French writer (5)
16 Did secretarial work that's classified (5)
18 It measures distances by the foot (9)
21 Recognise and arrest (9)
24 Moved quickly in field exercise (5)
25 Store up trouble for a sea god (7)ANAGRAM of STORE UP
26 Striking clothes last longer (7)
27 He votes for a European king (7)
28 Fourteen liners (7)

1 A butcher may use it to cut credit without permission (7)
2 Generous in providing a form of Braille (7)ANAGRAM of BRAILLE
3 Began by being put in the picture (9)
4 Gang leader about - at large (5)
5 Rectified - a bad habit (9)
6 Italian food is covered in previous article (5)
7 I call round on pressing business (7)
8 Colourful addition in the thatre may produce a tingle (7)ANAGRAM of A TINGLE
14 Prospero's a perverted tyrant (9)ANAGRAM of PROSPEROS
15 One list put out includes a politician - a fool (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ONE LIST
16 Drag along to wild parties (7)ANAGRAM of PARTIES
17 One who grows up to be brave (7)
19 Swinger's bar (7)
20 Sends back the proceeds (7)
22 The English opening used in a tournament (5)
23 The wastage is very large among doctors (5)
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