Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2975 of 08-02-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Declared a supporter in a possible deal (7)ANAGRAM of LEG for SUPPORTER+DEAL
5.Irregular deliveries (2-5)
9.Split in the sea (4,3)
10.Become aware of the truth about a tissue of lies (7)ANAGRAM of RE for ABOUT+A LIES
11.Bit player in fortuituous run (5)
12.It smells awful when it goes off (5,4)
13.Roundly curse a set of pruning shears (9)ANAGRAM of CURSE A SET
15.About suitable for dockyard job (5)
16.Instinct for money in the market (5)
18.Feed a pet sugar perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of A PET SUGAR
21.Amazed but not all at once (9)
24.He has skill and courage (5)
25.French upstart (7)
26.SeEafood for Jack and no one else (7)
27.Moderates shouldn't lose them (7)
28. Examine after an attack - expected to survive (7)

1.Rawness can produce the wrong ones (7)ANAGRAM of RAWNWSS
2.Invoked in a cult that is crazy (7)ANAGRAM of IN A CULT
3.Tribal rag turns out to be rock (9)ANAGRAM of TRIBAL RAG
4.Goes very suddenly for game (5)
5. The bloom of youth (9)
6.One may be fired - there's a space that may need filling (5)
7.Stopped and fired (4,3)
8.Old fashioned pop is her best composition (7)ANAGRAM of HER BEST
14.They may give a lift to potential down-and-outs (9)
15.Disorderly actors are plastered (9)
16.Loud American with a pimple worries too much (7)
17.What does father make of the RAF? (7)
19.A big hit poetry that is fashionable (1,2,4)
20.Beg for something nice to follow in French (7)
22.Silly things but capital savers (5)
23.Not a big friend of Snow White (5)
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Created at 11.00 hrs IST on 08-02-2015 from Chennai

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