THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3219 of 08-09-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Sudden attack leads to capture (7)
5 News item - though a cert favourite comes last (7)
9 Aimless sort of girl (7)ANAGRAM of AIMLESS
10 Liberate one soul in torment (7)ANAGRAM of ONE SOUL
11 Taken about in the morning, being disabled (5)
12 A carry-over of marriage ritual (9)
13 Irregular coastline, not all in one piece (9)ANAGRAM of COASTLINE
15 You can't do better than master this (5)
16 Unfortunately, the lady's been upset (5)ANAGRAM of LADYS
18 Has a fresh egg in Lent, regardless (9)ANAGRAM of EGG IN LENT
21 Rose gets involved with Teddy and is ruined (9)ANAGRAM of ROSE TEDDY
24 Girl I care about (5)ANAGRAM of I CARE
25 US city fashionable in the past (7)
26 Fabulous supporter of royalty (7)
27 Is it for the fleet-footed? (4,3)
28 Sign of fever, perhaps, and rash (7)

1 Wreathed in smiles, I make comparisons (7)ANAGRAM of SMILES I
2 Mohammedan claims I am converted (7)ANAGRAM of CLAIMS I
3 Useful expression for one raising a child (3-1-5)
4 Demand payment out of turn (5)
5 Bribe a cricket side - or one fielder (6,3)ANAGRAM of ASSISTANT
6 Does nothing to correct the slide (5)ANAGRAM of SLIDE
7 Seek an engagement - or work, in plain language (7)
8 A downtrodden machine-worker (7)
14 Butter and milk producer (5,4)
15 Charge sheet? (5,4)
16 Cocktail for a fellow-traveller? (7)
17 Diana's a girl cashier (7)
19 It happens the record is poetry (7)
20 One should be in entering a new trade (7)ANAGRAM of IN TRADE
22 A sovereign state (5)
23 Soft currency? (5)
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