Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2919 dated 08-12-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.City's side at sea in scoreless draw (6)
4.Way to serve potatoes just stuffed with game (8)
9.It takes the strain out of brewing (6)
10.Sign of minimal intelligence (8)
12.Player given an awful roasting (8)ANAGRAM of ROASTING
13.Give evidence at the trial (6)
15.Sound sense of position (4)
16.A prison camp child growing up (10)
19.Document required when handing over a vehicle (10)
20.A highlight of the night that is clear (4)
23.Joined forces (6)
25.Christmas present drawer (8)
27.Being saucy, I am put outside the room (8)
28.It finishes a sentence or any alotted time (6)
29.Ape ordinary soldier on military exercise (8)
30.They are or are said to be used for shopping (6)

1.So point out there's more than one choice (7)ANAGRAM of SO POINT
2.Animal has most of the fruit - a nut perhaps (5,4)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (ORANG for MOST OF THE FRUIT+A NUT)
3.Coaches coaches(6)
5.Single piece of ammunition (4)
6.What was left of woman's sex appeal years after (8)
7.Slide about or walk like a crab (5)ANAGRAM of SLIDE
8.Give one the right name (7)
11.Where the butts of a party congregate? (7)
14.Intermittent light switch (7)
17.Huntsmen will be very fit (9)
18.Back one aiming to retain his title (8)
19.A nut case (7)
21.Screen has red centre and unusual rose edging (7)ANAGRAM of RED ROSE
22.Create goodwill by being close to the listener (6)
24.Nothing turns up on the border (5)
26.Nail turned blue (4)ANAGRAM of NAIL
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