Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3232 dated 08-12-2019 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Enjoy the pickles (6)
4 You'll know you have got it (8)
9 Chaps after a gnu are perhaps armed (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of GNU
10 Expires broken by a wage and a disease (8)
12 Slaughter in the service area (8)
13 All for making a sort of arrangement (6)ANAGRAM of ALL FOR
15 He floated a company to avoid liquidation (4)
16 Sort of mistake that could make one late (5,5)
19 Sly-looking chap (7,3)
20 Account I'd terminated - sharpish (4)
23 Good man in a new role looking after horses (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ROLE
25 I leave an order for artillery (8)
27 One means of making a garden attractive (8)ANAGRAM of ONE MEANS
28 The story of Achilles' Heel (6)
29 Old Sally Brown (8)
30 Back at sea (6)

1 Troops didn't finish the course (7)
2 It involves places and composition (9)ANAGRAM of PLACES AND
3 Notice saying 'Playground equipment' (6)
5 Big lake up country (4)
6 Rose, a lovely girl in red (8)
7 Send down under (5)
8 Tell-tale governor (7)
11 Put some notes in order (7)
14 A sailor scowls about Herculean tasks (7)
17 Scattered once never to get together again (9)ANAGRAM of ONCE NEVER
18 It will come to the rescue if able to somehow (8)ANAGRAM of IF ABLE TO
19 A crop is knocked flat (7)ANAGRAM of A CROP IS
21 Doctor needs transfer to a city of China (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NEEDS
22 Listen out for bays (6)ANAGRAM of LISTEN
24 Subject of article on me (5)
26 A state of pure chaos (4)ANAGRAM of PURE
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Created at 11.15 hrs IST on 08-12-2019 from Bangalore

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