Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2928 of 09-02-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Man devoured by lion perhaps, a circus performer (7)
5.A likely backer for the training of climbers (7)
9.Survey the whole lot with a girl (7)
10.Normally Laura's out with a sweetheart (2,1,4)ANAGRAM of LAURAS+E for SWEETHEART
11.Tracks people's ancestries (5)
12.Listeners in the dark with weakness of vision (4,5)
13.Under a spell and thence transformed (9)ANAGRAM of AND THENCE
15.Baffling question for a model (5)
16.Shuffles the cards dishonestly and makes a pile (5)
18.His grasp of things made him wealthy (4,5)
21.Battle helmet (9)
24.A short island passage (5)
25.I will be bound to feature a lot in his conversation (7)
26.Head off disaster and have a party with fruit (7)
27.He takes uncertain steps (7)
28. Hooted at performance after free admission (7)

1.To tackle this crossword is beneath Jack - forgive him (7)
2.Latin translated in Minorca (7)ANAGRAM of MINORCA
3.The growth of a fairy tale (9)
4.Sell the dummy - touchdown possible (3,2)
5. Place of refreshment for curious Great Dane (3,6)ANAGRAM of GREAT DANE
6.Rising hack, writing for papers (5)
7.Waiting rooms modified by long use (7)ANAGRAM of LONG USE
8.Warm garment for one working in the heat (7)
14.Accept later that you are a chip of the old block (4,5)
15.Splendour pursued by a grim French mistress (9)
16. Topic dependent on another (7)
17.To sum up make sure that no one is left in ignorance (3,4)
19.Don't keep the orchestra together (7)
20.Editor's written about a drug (7)ANAGRAM of EDITORS
22.Central heating off apparently (5)
23.Assign a key part (5)
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