THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3241 of 09-02-2020)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Forward to help the team score (7)
5 Witty saying has some point with animals (7)
9 Provides cover when the nurse is out (7)ANAGRAM of NURSE IS
10 Not a straight musician (7)
11 They are bent on submission (5)
12 Tasty fruit centre in a new assortment (9)ANAGRAM of CENTRE IN A
13 A part gone perhaps, but you get support (9)ANAGRAM of A PART GONE
15 The price of a suit (5)
16 Rob with a gun (5)
18 Following our agent around the Orient (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of OUR AGENT
21 Lucky at coming into a lot of money (9)
24 Epic story written one fifty one years after Christ's birth (5)
25 Such incentives limit us, perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of LIMIT US
26 Writers I've assumed to be serious (7)
27 She leads a strike in American business (7)
28 Runs in the hose (7)

1 Be prominent in crime? (5,2)
2 Particular consideration (7)
3 One step up from the gutter (9)
4 Got up to change the reins (5)ANAGRAM of REINS
5 In effect I turn out to be capable (9)ANAGRAM of IN EFFECT I
6 The objectives of a Forster's passage (5)
7 Meetings of king with supporters (7)
8 Absorbing business transactions? (7)
14 A girl takes drink, start of good evening (9)
15 Warned about education (9)ANAGRAM of IS EDUCATION
16 Gives no answer (7)
17 Overlook four in the smithy (7)
19 Is inane, perhaps, and remains so (7)ANAGRAM of IS INANE
20 Descriptive of an eternity ring (7)
22 A lump in the throat (5)
23 Turn out a bad scholar (5)
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