Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2927 of 09-03-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Originally a region lived in by our ancestors (7)ANAGRAM of A REGION
5.I'd back employees on mother's side (7)
9.Government diet (7)
10.Pay in full please (7)
11.Man in the orchestra gives Beethoven's choral symphony (5)
12.Flatter works in this TV entertainment (4,5)
13.Meet in French bar (9)
15.Novel supporter stands out (5)
16.Brush a fur coat (5)
18.One fond of the girls puts damsel in a train (6,3)ANAGRAM of DAMSEL IN A
21.Introductory speech perhaps (9)
24.Some crib sentences from a writer (5)
25.Alarm girl with outburst (7)ANAGRAM of DI for GIRL+BURST
26.Mean to assert one's seniority (7)
27.Out of range of French explosive device (7)ANAGRAM of RANGE+DE for OF FRENCH
28. Blissful state of cats, Yes if groomed (7)ANAGRAM of CATS YES

1.When guns are effectively fired in anger maybe (2,5)ANAGRAM of IN ANGER
2.Firm grain can be grown without any ad (7)ANAGRAM of CO for FIRM+GRAIN
3.Poor accommodation (9)
4.Birds from other nests (5)
5. Some French married, but didn't expect to be happy (9)
6.Prepared to fight (3-2)
7.Possibly a Surete stiff (7)ANAGRAM of A SURETE
8.Rugby player is the crafty one of a pair (3,4)
14.It's only fair the board should accept new role (9)ANAGRAM of TABLE for BOARD+ROLE
15.Examples of Pisces men (9)ANAGRAM of PISCES MEN
16. Dishing out for a party (7)ANAGRAM of DISHING
17.Money that's shortly required for old club (7)
19.Mother hides a blemish with make-up (7)
20.Community centre for retired ladies (7)
22.Cheese made with some French backing in Goa(5) (5)
23.Don't take a holiday(5)
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Created at 13.30 hrs IST on 09-03-2014 (from Chennai)

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