Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3001 of 09-08-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Wild south American city moves to the States (7)
5.Musician making a racket (7)
9.Quietly withdraw and go before the others (7)
10.Eminent scholar turned masseur (7)ANAGRAM of MASSEUR
11.Spilling a pint - clumsy (5)ANAGRAM of A PINT
12.Signs in and makes an impression (9)
13.Usual wish for a happy retirement (9)
15.Can't bear inordinate haste (5)ANAGRAM of HASTE
16.Worn parts of brakes (5)
18.Sailor man in waterproof material (9)
21.Command rigidly obeyed on the parade ground (9)
24.A substitute for medicine (5)
25.Impressive work by the book-maker (7)
26.Urge on the leading intellectual (7)
27.Nearest resort in the Orient (7)ANAGRAM of NEAREST
28.Like hell cats in a melee (7)ANAGRAM of CATS IN A

1.Schoolboy expression results in tears (7)
2.Seasoning duck with orange perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of O for DUCK+ORANGE
3.Harmonics are the obvious ones (9)
4.Weapon made from spare parts (5)ANAGRAM of SPARE
5.Again fitted in a combat plane built to take cargo (9)
6.Pulls up the grass (5)
7.Growing reference to a doctor coming so fast (7)
8.One in unusual stress doesn't giving in (7)ANAGRAM of STRESS+I for ONE
14.Well past one's prime yet still making progress (7,2)
15.Halo for a late motorist? (9)
16.Let's eat out in America (7)ANAGRAM of LETS EAT
17.So point out there's more than one choice (7)ANAGRAM of SO POINT
19.An upholder of the Bible (7)
20.Moan about Richard endlessly wandering (7)ANAGRAM of MOAN+DIC for RICHARD ENDLESSLY
22.I'll be kept in by the beak for talking too much (5)
23.Works to make dough say to satisfy these? (5)
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