Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3180 dated 09-12-2018 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 A flicker of light (6)
4 A purse I'd cunningly lifted (6,2)ANAGRAM of A PURSE ID
9 Hold out longer? (6)
10 A word of praise (8)
12 Cutting - from a newspaper (8)
13 Keep a pupil in class (6)
15 Placed a cover outside (4)
16 Commendation that acts as a tonic (4,3,3)
19 Dawn breaking with a strange lustre gives one the desire to go places (10)ANAGRAM of DAWN LUSTRE
20 Goddess is one'a double (4)
23 Sound mark of childish progress (6)
25 As an occupant I'd resent being put out (8)ANAGRAM of ID RESENT
27 There's a lot of laughter when a girl swallows it (8)
28 This system worked in medieval times (6)
29 Signs for ten outstanding wines (8)
30 Kept going with steady production (6)ANAGRAM of STEADY

1 One way to cut out letter writing (7)
2 Sixth sense tells where knowledge is to be sought (9)
3 Is able to copy something out of the cookery book (6)
5 Efficient island uprising (4)
6 She hurried round to a furniture designer (8)
7 One can never be sure if one has it (5)
8 Paul brewed tea in a high-rise flat (7)ANAGRAM of PAUL TEA
11 Give a subject a title, perhaps (7)
14 A long wandering tale (7)
17 Time was when the old-fashioned stayed all over the place (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of STAYED
18 Exchange of repartee that will bear fruit (4,4)ANAGRAM of REPARTEE
19 The fighter's craft (7)
21 Came to stay and paid the bill (7)
22 Manage to get letters of credit arranged (6)ANAGRAM of CREDIT
24 Manufactured pearl is not so luscious (5)ANAGRAM of PEARL
26 It's in poor taste to let it atand (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
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