Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3028 of 10-01-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 We back a cowboy film (7)
5 Injued fliers returned to base (7)
9 An outside line to ring (7)
10 Nothing less involves nothing threatening (7)
11 Strike about work? Get away with you (3,2)
12 Maddening disposition of the importunate (9)ANAGRAM of MADDENING
13 The alarm must be to start the job (3,2,4)
15 Wild spree for noblemen (5)ANAGRAM of SPREE
16 City which captivated Helen (5)
18 A roundabout way to come in (9)
21 Miners get formed into military groups (9)ANAGRAM of MINERS GET
24 America needs time for practice (5)
25 Place in Sicily for less healthy-looking doctor (7)
26 Lengthen transvestite apparel no longer in fashion? (4,3)
27 Moving passage from Tristan (7)ANAGRAM of TRISTAN
28 No mean poet (7)

1 Guards making time (7)
2 Young players may be found in this bunker (7)
3 Times when the populace is at cross purposes? (9)
4 Celebrated reply to unlucky Edward's proposal (5)
5 Worker who may be a snob (9)
6 Oriental looks like a Scotsman (5)
7 I'm bored perhaps due to this? (7)ANAGRAM of IM BORED
8 Draughtsman's intentions? (7)
14 Emphatically not at home (3,3,3)
15 Take for granted louts get muddled in the head (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LOUTS
16 Primate in a role that offers limited protection (7)
17 Ali appears in crazy gear fit for a king (7)ANAGRAM of ALI GEAR
19 Briefly I draw no conclusion (2,1,4)ANAGRAM of I DRAW NO
20 Builder puts a point to a parson (7)
22 Indications of money (5)
23 Teams that can't be taken objectively (5)
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