Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2871 of 10-02-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Unbendingly they press home the charge (7)
5.Bow tie for an artist (7)
9.News put out and the dust allowed to settle (7)ANAGRAM of NEWS PUT
10.Time is pressing (7)
11.Aside given to an actor to speak (5)
12.Outstanding piece of cinema apparatus (9)
13.Star collapsed in Calcutta prison (5,4)
15.They should be given to a sacked worker or hand, perhaps (5)
16.It may hold togetger broken china (5)ANAGRAM of CHINA
18.Faults of flimsy neckwear (9)
21.Broken bone as ice shows sign of giving way (9)ANAGRAM of BONE AS CE
24.It's a decorative edging one gathers (5)
25.Anger with a disease (7)
26.Tract of grassland left untidy (7)ANAGRAM of LEA LEFT
27.The last form of secrecy (7)ANAGRAM of THE LAST
28.For those locks make places hard to enter (7)

1.Fruit of thatrical conversation (7)
2.Mother hides a mark with a cosmetic (7)
3.Caught and bowled (9)
4.Take notice but don't retire (3,2)
5.Oil amp he trimmed for Nightingale (9)ANAGRAM of OIL LAMP HE
6.Son of Susie (5)ANAGRAM of SUSIE
7.Health-giving cooking device (7)
8.Answers which may be dispensed with (7)
14.A composer we frequently hear supported by another (9)
15.Camelford redesignated as protected area for shooting (5,4)
16.Selections of numberless choc ices (7)
17.Holding soldiers up in a unit is a bloomer (7)
19.They are suspended in cold weather (7)
20.Show rank subserviance (7)
22.A puffed-up VIP (5)
23.Excited Celt describibg a conspicuous success (5)ANAGRAM of CELT A
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