THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3193 of 10-03-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Say, that's quick (7)
5 With only a fag-end Edward was up against it (7)
9 Animal feed bag hereabout (7)ANAGRAM of BAG HERE
10 They may lift or bring down (7)
11 Moira becomes a New Zealander (5)ANAGRAM of MOIRA
12 Fair distribution of beer to all (9)ANAGRAM of BEER TO ALL
13 Missed tea perhaps, will take coffee (9)ANAGRAM of MISSED TEA
15 Hear a way to form a meeting (5)
16 Be careful one is told, explosives have been laid (5)
18 One having a sea view (3,6)
21 Refused it when more than satisfied (9)ANAGRAM of REFUSED IT
24 Being forearmed one has such a nerve (5)
25 Noise or disturbance can be wearing (7)ANAGRAM of NOISE OR
26 Like an egg it is blown (7)
27 A political favour? (7)
28 Infantile habits (7)

1 Got up late? (7)
2 Act for each class? (7)
3 Came up with a diet change for the undernourished (9)ANAGRAM of CAME A DIET
4 A piece of paper can be made into these (5)ANAGRAM of THESE
5 The big guns heartilly sick of a hearty leader (9)
6 Cruel disorder in the stomach (5)ANAGRAM of CRUEL
7 In which to store clothes he's grown out of (7)
8 Upbraided for finishing a meal off (7)
14 Vehicle overturns on rough ascent, what's the matter? (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ASCENT
15 Supplementary course? (9)
16 There'll be friction as long as he is at work (7)
17 Apprehansive over sun treatment (7)ANAGRAM of OVER SUN
19 He gives oral examinations (7)
20 Fighting for combat rations (7)
22 Law and order (5)
23 New or old slaver (5)ANAGRAM of OR OLD
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