Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2941 dated 11-05-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Ready to throw a line to one in trouble (6)
4.Encourages a boy to have a light meal (3,5)
9.Gets us to become visitors (6)ANAGRAM of GETS US
10.Divorced ladies to be rehabilated (8)ANAGRAM of LADIES TO
12. Sound proof of what a performer can do (8)
13.Supporter of something wicked (6)
15.Go ahead with the roof covering (4)
16.Straight on perhaps for the scary ride (5,5)ANAGRAM of STRAIGHT ON
19.Those taking part in the arms race? (10)
20.Harry on the guitar (4)
23.It needs to grow by more development (6)ANAGRAM of BY MORE
25.Debit one transferred following orders (8)ANAGRAM of DEBIT ONE
27.One means to cultivate flowers (8)ANAGRAM of ONE MEANS
28.Concern for bird (6)Not solved
29.May never be enough for anybody (8)ANAGRAM of MAY NEVER
30.He joins a hundred twitching and feverish (6)

1.Ill-mannered personwith dog in queue (7)
2.In debt and tense as a result (9)
3.Starchy food dad is about to turn to (6)ANAGRAM of PA for DAD+TO TO
5.Cut talk that's over a quarter of an hour (4)
6.Appeals are permissible in a distress signal (8)
7.Start talking back in a foreign language (5)
8.Resentment shown when a futile plan has gone astray (7)ANAGRAM of DUD for FUTILE PLAN+GONE
11.Love to be on night shift (7)ANAGRAM of ON NIGHT
14.Assign work to a writer (7)
17.People engaged in a welcome correspondence (9)
18.An energetic group out to make mischief (8)
19.It should have a safety pin in it (7)
21.Enormous disaster struck it (7)
22.Honour I dream about (6)ANAGRAM of I DREAM
24.Always uplifted after a key note (5)
26.She's found in a wild rave (4)ANAGRAM of RAVE
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 11-05-2014

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