Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3176 dated 11-11-2018 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Freight delay about noise (6)
4 Enormous trouble caging it (8)ANAGRAM of CAGING IT
9 Walk a little way, then go by bus perhaps (6)
10 Brief way to encourage a high-priced swimmer (8)
12 How to beat the streaker (8)
13 Search for one drink after another (6)ANAGRAM of SEARCH
15 Neans of transport, sometimes sprung (4)
16 A working reserve (6,4)
19 Actors are prepared to appear in it (4-2,4)
20 Puts water back in dish (4)
23 At home with the bowling apparently (3,3)
25 The sort pf speech that was reported (8)
27 Clubbable all-rounder (4,4)
28 Despite her stony looks, she could be amused (6)ANAGRAM of AMUSED
29 A new stricter limit (8)ANAGRAM of STRICTER
30 Attitude a driver may take, of course (6)

1 Give generously when there's a whip-round (4,3)
2 A road mot made for speeding? (4,5)
3 Sun-worshippers take off for this state (6)
5 Jot down the first nine letters (4)
6 A sherry I ordered in Scotland (8)ANAGRAM of A SHERRY I
7 A head-lock (5)
8 Run an agency for mediums (7)
11 Odd sort of brazier (7)ANAGRAM of BRAZIER
14 Grubby residences (7)
17 No longer good at cornering apparently (2,3,4)
18 Proverbially remains cool, though ofter framed (8)
19 Controlling factor (7)
21 The strength pf the current (7)
22 Take off a garment I'd first put upside down (6)
24 Inclines to be quixotic? (5)
26 Smart fellow the French take into account (4)
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Created at 10.45 hrs IST on 11-11-2018 from Bangalore

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