Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2924 of 12-01-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.So point out there's more than one choice (7)ANAGRAM of SO POINT
5.Supervise for a small charge (4-3)
9.Not so high praise (7)
10.Note answer in book (7)
11.Animal of one horn conformation (5)ANAGRAM of I for ONE+HORN
12.It shouldn't happen to a sort of bird-dog (3,6)ANAGRAM of OF BIRD DOG
13.Islander kept in order (9)
15.State reorganisation makes sense (5)ANAGRAM of STATE
16.Covers a hundred birds (5)
18.Male goes out, storm breaks, result confusion (9)ANAGRAM of MALE STORM
21.Bird seen on Mother's Day (9)
24.They burn sacks (5)
25.Rich fabric with an outstanding design (7)
26.Golf score can make a good story (7)
27.Glance shows a number in fault (7)
28. A gambler's accomplice (7)

1.Given feed for development (7)ANAGRAM of FEED FOR
2.Monarchy for Russians in smart move (7)ANAGRAM of SMART+DO for MOVE
3.Expenditure for expeditions (9)
4.One that shoots and possibly grips (5)ANAGRAM of GRIPS
5. Broken-down car banned from hoedown (4,5)ANAGRAM of CAR BANNED
6.Singer graduates in this way (5)
7.Writers have a small room with a key on board (7)
8.Foot-pedal that could be altered (7)ANAGRAM of ALTERED
14.One in the club takes Tom out for some cheese (9)
15.Service men who have some job to do (4-5)
16. It may support you when you retire to the country (4,3)
17.A minor cricket-side act defensively (7)
19.Fashion arbiter of Welsh taste (7)ANAGRAM of ARBITER
20.We hear he needs people (7)
22.Captain Kidd perhaps lost his head in a rage (5)
23.A pie's turned down (5)ANAGRAM of A PIES
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 12-01-2014

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