THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3237 of 12-01-2020)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Show respect for an old lady but insult a young one (5,2)
5 Colour of Sherlock's study? (7)
9 Fix the score to suit the players (7)
10 Exciting feeling (7)ANAGRAM of IN REGAL
11 Formerly a reception for rising monarchs (5)
12 Coins; three of them (9)
13 Compile an order for copper (9)ANAGRAM of COMPILE AN
15 Either way it’s out of the question (3,2)
16 Strips being about to get some rest (5)
18 Possibly mention it too late (3,2,4)ANAGRAM of MENTION IT
21 Has to step out fast (9)ANAGRAM of HAS TO STEP
24 He’s unable to serve any longer (5)
25 Carry on business - with a knife? (7)
26 Go the other way back (7)
27 Girl brought in to have a go at leather-making (7)
28 Loath us madly, criticise fiercely (4,3)ANAGRAM of LOATH US

1 Shellfish on edge (7)
2 Royal Academician upset by competitor coming on the scene (7)
3 A foolish assumption of the old school (6,3)
4 Put down in the correct order (5)
5 Turn over in bed? (5,2,2)
6 Geographical feature everyone goes round to (5)
7 Displayed a willingness to invest apparently (4,3)
8 Senator upset by treachery (7)ANAGRAM of SENATOR
14 Where there’s some order in retreat (9)
15 Tom’s vital statistics (4,5)
16 Stay to eat and drink (7)
17 Point behind the ship towards the sunrise (7)
19 It’s hell for nine at sea (7)ANAGRAM of FOR NINE
20 Serious Eastern muddle (7)ANAGRAM of EASTERN
22 A swell in the avenue (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
23 Record membership (5)
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