Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2984 dated 12-04-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Family tension (6)
4.Be apt to come round preoccupied (8)
9.Grass doing well (6)
10.I can ship out from Spain (8)ANAGRAM of I CAN SHIP
12. Shared in a perfect round of golf (8)
13.Time conceals a deserter's mistakes (6)
15.Utter a line (4)
16.Man of the match (10)
19.Blunders and gives short change (10)ANAGRAM of GIVES SHORT
20.Nominally she gets five years (4)
23.Necessitate being in late perhaps (6)ANAGRAM of IN LATE
25.Try cannabis? Crazy (8)
27.Value a quiet compliment (8)
28.A revolutionary wall-painting sounds a warning (6)
29.Jack Sprat's catch (8)
30.Notice the opening in good time (6)

1.Not a sure-footed mule (7)
2.An allusion to one's character and ability perhaps (9)
3.A way of approach that isn't welcomed (6)
5.Get out of this (4)
6.The strength of the current? (8)
7.Pacific islands have got an unusual constitution (5)ANAGRAM of GOT AN
8.Make a speech against decimal conversion (7)ANAGRAM of DECIMAL
11.To look one's years requires nobility (7)
14.They have set features when working (7)
17.Frank gets contract with unlimited resources (4-5)
18.I'm going into property assessment (8)
19.Sort of bowler in place of a furled umbrella (7)
21.A shot at last (7)
22.Climbed - then peeled off (6)
24.Subject of a Canaletto picture (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
26.A bit of land is being given to the French (4)
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Created at 09.30 hrs IST on 12-04-2015 from Chennai

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