Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3050 of 12-06-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Calm sea (7)
5 He gathers the harvest in the fall (7)
9 A giant one goes to a fairy queen (7)
10 Driving a point home (7)
11 Stout novelist and comedian (5)
12 It should supply a good meal (5-4)
13 Presumably he looks forward to getting on the board (4,5)
15 Old car doesn't start causing exasperation (5)
16 Several rooms with one key? Stupid (5)
18 Unwilling to give credit (9)
21 The ultimate competitors (9)
24 Assessed speed on start of descent (5)
25 Get it all together but not in time to pass (7)
26 Caviare might produce such greed (7)ANAGRAM of CAVIARE
27 They're prepared to hang (7)
28 Finishes off we hear providing transport (7)

1 Sets up tents on football grounds (7)
2 He brings in food from the terrace (7)ANAGRAM of TERRACE
3 Unattached fairy I lost in fence maze (5-4)ANAGRAM of FARY FENCE
4 Refuse to make fun of (5)
5 Crowds inspect the track (9)
6 Rosie;s willowy form (5)ANAGRAM of ROSIE
7 Putting in charge (7)
8 Uniform for a soldier (7)
14 Stress aid is required for calamities (9)ANAGRAM of STRESS AID
15 Showing unusual talent, are to take turns (9)ANAGRAM of TALENT ARE
16 Loss of expert around here in Paris (7)
17 No more Latin to perplex one (7)
19 Sarcastic extract from a newspaper (7)
20 Fifty snakes - and their game partnetrs (7)
22 Injunction not to take time off from work (5)
23 Strait-laced guys (5)
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