Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3037 dated 13-03-2016 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Fool set about dispersing entire property (6)
4 I get married and set out full of spirits (8)
9 Old enemy of mean disposition (6)ANAGRAM of OF MEAN
10 Glance at the fixtures - not much on (8)
12 Refusing to handle polish (8)
13 Spent two notes at the carnival (6)
15 Witnesses a key agreement (4)
16 Almost sure to make a turnover (10)ANAGRAM of ALMOST SURE
19 Understanding the purpose of a compass (10)
20 Catch on to the smallest branch (4)
23 Drunken repast comes to a fine end (6)ANAGRAM of REPAST
25 Honoured with high rank in the finish (8)
27 Wins support when opposed (8)
28 Coax little Josephine into ruffled lace (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LACE
29 Sets aside Tom's battle scars? (8)
30 Used in a sewing machine it goes round a screw (6)

1 A loud story, not factual but friendly (7)
2 Woman had a rip in her dress and sobbed (4,1,4)
3 One is going to make them (6)
5 Draw blood in prison (4)
6 Somehow fit names into list (8)ANAGRAM of FIT NAMES
7 String can break in wet (5)ANAGRAM of IN WET
8 Drop of French perfume (7)
11 Winding road ran betweeh France and Spain (7)ANAGRAM of ROAD RAN
14 Incorrect in angle (7)ANAGRAM of IN ANGLE
17 Clue women possibly find displeasing (9)ANAGRAM of CLUE WOMEN
18 American state banks are to be reorgnised (8)ANAGRAM of BANKS ARE
19 The weariness of military duty (7)
21 Gallery finds finale a welcome surprise (7)
22 Chemical result of smoking cannabis> (6)
24 Former monk (5)
26 Thrill one may get playing football (4)
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Created at 06.00 hrs IST on 13-03-2016 from Bangalore

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