Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalorei (2950 of 13-07-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Sustain in hours trouble (7)ANAGRAM of IN HOURS
5.Area inside American bases (7)
9.Defence provided by a regimantal mascot (7)
10.Shell one that's cracked (7)
11.Not quite enough to make the GI drunk (5)ANAGRAM of THE GI
12.Man to speak for capital investment (9)
13.Light repair is not free (3,2,4)ANAGRAM of IS NOT FREE
15.Brought low since getting into debt (5)
16.,Plate of fish (5)
18.Let off the gun and lose a hand (9)
21.Realistic science exam (9)
24.Sailor a short distance nearer the stern (5)
25.Not for the first time, a devout man is in the opposition (7)
26.Take commission away from the bank employee (7)
27.Such games won't be covered (7)
28. Indeed was at length held up (7)

1.Young crabs (7)
2.Not stooping to dishonesty (7)
3.You can't do anything with it (9)
4.A way to hold (5)
5. Possibly used anger to obtain protection at work (9)ANAGRAM of USED ANGER
6.New cadet deputised (5)ANAGRAM of CADET
7 Rages on about wild animals (7)ANAGRAM of RAGES ON
8.Yet such timber may have been stripped (7)
14.This may point out a direction, but not east (9)ANAGRAM of A DIRCTION (a DIRECTION from which E is deleted)
15.Time to check the lines after casting (9)
16. Parson crazed with love for a highly vocal female (7)ANAGRAM of PARSON+O for LOVE
17.Worker supprting a mother is resolute (7)
19.The truth about Italy's reconstruction (7)ANAGRAM of RE for ABOUT+ITALY
20.Went in for tree chopping in the end (7)ANAGRAM of TREE END
22.Colour and leave the dance (5)
23.Spiked running shoes maybe (5)
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Created at 11.15 hrs IST on 13-07-2014

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