Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3024 of 13-12-2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Sole reinforcement (7)
5 It's a pen of new design filled to overflowing (2,5)ANAGRAM of ITS A PEN
9 Bad debts for No 10 first (7)
10 Allow no opening for a substitute (7)
11 Look round New York - it's crazy (5)
12 Vegetables only half-cooked? (5,4)
13 Spirit container or tumbler to be put out (3,6)ANAGRAM of TUMBLER TO
15 Prepare to explode - or not explode (5)
16 Dollars in the vaults (5)
18 Antiquated theme: not a new version (4-5)ANAGRAM of THEME NOT A
21 Asian city may be just a spot in the desert (9)
24 Long-legged bird or hen perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of OR HEN
25 Cure those people without charge (7)
26 Running easily for victory in the return game (7)
27 Vessel avoided by poor sailors (7)
28 Could be set near China for example (7)ANAGRAM of SET NEAR

1 A dogged policeman (7)
2 Kind of kite needs space for storage (7)
3 Man and son you find out are unknown (9)ANAGRAM of MAN SON YOU
4 Jousting records (5)
5 Broke nine volts circuit (9)ANAGRAM of NINE VOLTS
6 Loudly call out after a plea of silence (5)
7 A capital lager is brewed here (7)ANAGRAM of LAGER IS
8 Photographed out of doors? (7)
14 Novel young American (3,6)
15 Luxury shops felt put out (9)ANAGRAM of SHOPS FELT
16 Where a change of fare may be indicated (3,4)
17 English remark - but how French (7)
19 Revolutionary means of getting power (7)
20 Go on Ann, develop a geometric figure (7)ANAGRAM of GO ON ANN
22 Stretch of water (5)
23 He wrote of French opposition (5)
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