Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3198 dated 14-04-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 End of the beef soup? (6)
4 Company worker needs strict control (4,4)
9 Hamlet has to be rewritten for her (6)ANAGRAM of HAMLET
10 Bridge champion gets a hiding (8)
12 For the moment it may be Greenwich (8)
13 Girl holds information for the proramme (6)
15 Born and died in poverty (4)
16 Spanner used by motorists (4,6)
19 Statements in final form (10)ANAGRAM of STATEMENTS
20 Marine detachment (4)
23 Wagnerian heroine that is about to be disposed of (6)
25 Continues to make money (8)
27 Rode around the circus giving commands (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of RODE
28 More ideal state (6)
29 Play to the balcony (8)
30 Fruit woman within call (6)

1 Seat of empire (7)
2 Youngsters eat greens for development (9)ANAGRAM of EAT GREENS
3 The occupant is at home with his wife (6)
5 Jet fighters? (4)
6 Controlling factors (8)
7 A right to be different from others (5)
8 A number agreed to be corrected being humble (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of AGREED
11 Give authority to a rising middle east nation (7)
14 They see that their papers are in order (7)
17 Fido's upset the paint (9)
18 A fruit once revered in China (8)
19 Tradesmen are unfit to occupy high positions (7)
21 Yes cats may produce this feeling among some people (7)ANAGRAM of YES CATS
22 Crush the spirit (6)
24 Something we all grow (5)
26 Girl I object about (4)
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