Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3059 dated 14-08-2016 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 People absorbed in local activities (6)
4 Understood to have won popularity (6,2)
9 Wild herb we found in Israel (6)ANAGRAM of HERB WE
10 Support excellent hero (8)
12 Insecure fastening is a problem on undergarment (8)
13 The man on watch? (6)
15 Make ears burn (4)ANAGRAM of EARS
16 Estimate on rebuilding home (10)ANAGRAM of ESTIMATE ON
19 Where a dancing partner should never tread if alert (2,4,4)
20 Dance for which cheap tickets may be offered (4)
23 They may be called steep cliffs (6)
25 Critic about to join one of the audience (8)
27 To surpass score is excellent (8)
28 Fearful sort of cavern (6)ANAGRAM of CAVERN
29 The length of time around it varies (8)ANAGRAM of AROUND IT
30 Confused brides refuse (6)ANAGRAM of BRIDES

1 Divisions of the church (7)
2 This is an essential part of a player's score (9)
3 Corresponds with Central Europeans, we hear (6)
5 Current male desire (4)
6 Taking a risk strolling after midnight (8)
7 Junk food (5)
8 In a neat move catch the girl (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NEAT
11 Uncommon payment for an author (7)
14 Nothing new about her being shown out (7)
17 How Trevor resolved to get rid of his love? (5,4)ANAGRAM of HOW TREVOR
18 Move faster on the promenade (8)ANAGRAM of FASTER ON
19 Journeyed roubd the world perhaps (7)
21 Father splits mother and father (7)
22 Violent outcome from Recite (6)ANAGRAM of RECITE
24 The kind of crust found only on the best pies? (5)
26 Reflection of one's own outspoken views (4)
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Created at 05.45 hrs IST on 14-08-2016 from Chennai

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