Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2981 dated 15-02-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Cut lumber (6)
4.Applaud a catch? Nonsense (8)
9.Retreat for a chap about fifty (6)
10.Exclusive command of the game (8)
12. Profit announced - and denied (8)
13.Annoy with stinging words? (6)>
15.Check soundness of the rule (4)
16.A blockade that should pay dividends (10)
19.Corner at 90 (5,5)
20.Has new aspiration to become a ruler (4)ANAGRAM of HAS+H for ASPIRATION
23.One way to travel is to walk (6)
25.Urge fellows to become journalists (8)
27.It's not right having more surplus (4,4)
28.More unfortunate choice in the marriage ceremony (6)
29.Regular air service (8)
30.Showing little emotion although I'd lost badly (6)ANAGRAM of ID LOST

1.Brag about scrambled raw eggs (7)ANAGRAM of RAW GGS
2.Going through the cases but not acceting any (9)
3.six have a whip round that's generous (6)
5.Main shareholder? (4)
6.Quality land (8)
7.Rod, pole or perch (5)
8.An empty new settlement (7)ANAGRAM of AN EMPTY
11.Pleasing victory (7)
14.They spill the beans in the lobby (7)
17.Describing insects with wings of short span (9)
18.Scanning the books for money owing to the horse (8)
19.Settle the will (7)
21.One needs a couple of rings to get this number (7)
22.Armed guard required in rough sector (6)ANAGRAM of SECTOR
24.weapon in sack (5)
26.a study about some fellow at college (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 15-02-2015 from Bangalore

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