Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2946 of 15-06-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.A for Athensfor example (7)
5.Top people look closely at the time (7)
9.Sees trouble, grabs a hat and gets out (7)ANAGRAM of SEES+3-letter synonym for HAT)
10.You might be if a plan goes wrong (2,1,4)ANAGRAM of IF A PLAN
11.A capital couch I brought in (5)
12.Upsets open containers (9)
13.Pack freight in view on board (4,5)
15.Rested when a bed's made up (5)ANAGRAM of A BEDS
16.,It dies at the end of three months (5)
18.Wild animals have to rub against trees (9)
21.Informed kin he won't be around (2,3,4)ANAGRAM of KIN HE WONT
24.Neat formation of trees (5)ANAGRAM of RESET
25.US city that was smart in the past (7)
26.Come out in support of the man at executive level (7)
27.saw about the digs (7)ANAGRAM of THE DIGS
28. Getting on in life (7)

1.Folded when credit was derestricted (7)
2.Peaceful waters (7)
3.He won't take steps to maintain silence (3,6)
4.Girl given ring might be thrown over by cowboy (5)
5. Put two and two together (6,3)
6.Insist on having things just right (5)
7Tempts a number to break rules (7)ANAGRAM of A L for A NUMBER+RULEs
8.Brought facts to light once one took a stand (7)
14.Bandleader pursued by the sheriff (5,4)
15.Musician's money belt? (5,4)
16. Venice's variety shows (7)ANAGRAM of VENICES
17.A hold-all containing spare washing (7)
19.Available to discuss outside (4-3)
20.Church apologetic about witchcraft (7)
22.Lift up a broken axle on old car model (5)ANAGRAM of AXLE+T for OLD CAR MODEL
23.We told her - but in what location? (5)ANAGRAM of WE HER
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Created at 15.00 hrs IST on 15-06-2014

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