Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3020 of 15-11-2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Crack mountaineers will be familiar with (7)
5 Matchmaker? (7)
9 Cut loss from one of the Plagues of Egypt (7)ANAGRAM of CUT LOSS
10 Witty saying has some point with animals (7)
11 Sailor has outside rib treated by Jewish doctor (5)ANAGRAM of RIB+AB for SAILOR
12 Painters may paint it and in a variety of places (9)ANAGRAM of AND PLACES
13 Old craft of Mary Wolfe (9)ANAGRAM of MARY WOLFE
15 Drums in lively dances (5)
16 His victims lose heart (5)
18 Its ups and downs may be studied by the pilot (4,5)
21 Flattery paid to one so rich put in a new position (9)ANAGRAM of SO RICH PUT
24 Sea air adds a little weight to one (5)
25 It makes a pepper pot mine anyhow (7)ANAGRAM of POT MINE
26 Not the fault of one who keeps up appearances (7)
27 Rude tot has to be made to be taught (7)ANAGRAM of RUDE TOT
28 Beat fellow to the line (7)

1 A vital point when it comes to a purchase (7)
2 Where they deal with complaints on board (7)
3 Sullen kid turns out to be clumsy (9)ANAGRAM of SULLEN KID
4 Supporter of an artist's work (5)
5 Becoming angry observing sign of being in debt (6,3)
6 Their girders are primed (5)
7 Animal feed bag hereabout (7)ANAGRAM of BAG HERE
8 Children's playthings (7)
14 Guard what one says - it's a good maxim (9)
15 A portion's put out to kill vermin (3,6)ANAGRAM of A PORTIONS
16 Main fighting area for a pilot (7)
17 Something fruity encountered if you go straight down (7)
19 Camera for young girl who promises to do her best (7)
20 High point for the first lady and others (7)
22 General course for a singer (5)
23 Form a queue at the back (5)
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