THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3233 of 15-12-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Break a fruit dish (7)
5 Sort of charge about in combat (7)
9 Found the tea cold perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of TEA COLD
10 Dress again in regal fashion (7)ANAGRAM of IN REGAL
11 Nothing disturbs bees like being overweight (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of BEES
12 Tremulous with excitement, I’d return the call (9)
13 Guards sent to breached lines (9)ANAGRAM of SENT LINES
15 Frivolous answer to a crossword clue (5)
16 Fetch a key ring (5)
18 Tribe seek to return following many a brave leader (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SEEK
21 It may make one smart, top or bottom (9)
24 Subject of a Canaletto picture (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
25 Fabric disintegrates in a test (7)ANAGRAM of IN A TEST
26 Think things over in bed when perplexed (7)
27 Relief for one who’s been had, we hear (7)
28 Streams of abuse result when trade is upset (7)ANAGRAM of TRADE IS

1 Being hardened, a summons is nothing to us (7)
2 Pawnbroker takes article that’s dirty (7)
3 The drilling outside is annoying (9)
4 Concluded that many are in need, perhaps (5)
5 Indication of what’s to come of a street riot (9)ANAGRAM of OF A STREET
6 Girl’s come round about the advertisement, miss (5)
7 Smooth and noiseless air travel (7)
8 Thing to change into this evening (7)ANAGRAM of THING TO
14 Points to oppose in the meeting (9)
15 Wildcat strikes will put him out of work (4-5)
16 He’s best about giving orders (7)ANAGRAM of GES BEST
17 Most diction I found garbled and stupid (7)ANAGRAM of DICTIO I (MOST DICTION)
19 Unmasked once one asked questions (7)
20 Withdraws a direction on grants (7)
22 Refuse holder a turn in the game (5)
23 It’s customary for riding (5)
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