Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2894 dated 16-06-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Is getting on in support to carry on the fight (6)
4.Dreary but done with in style (8)
9.A scarf entwined gives trouble (6)
10.Fast plane is not reordered, get rid of the cargo (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (JET for FAST PLANE+IS NOT)
12.Fag end got bent in picking up the pieces (8)
13.Angry outbursts in play (6)
15.Point-to-point training establishment (4)
16.Horrid woman novelist on board perhaps (10)
19.Turn-over from two seasons, say (10)
20.Boss dedicated to raising the stock (4)
23.Striker appears satisfied with everything (6)
25.Paid the postage on a key and bolt (8)
27.A sticky sweet (8)
28.Wearisome, it needs a return telephone call (6)
29.Money held in trust not long ago (8)
30.Rules the singer breaks (6)ANAGRAM of SINGER

1.He leaves his country to be protected by another (7)
2.Specify space available for a first-class passenger (9)
3.Tortured saints, mark may be one of them (6)ANAGRAM of SAINTS
5.Ever-changing wind movement (4)ANAGRAM of EVER
6.Newly arrived, it is put up and reserved (8)
7.Vicar has no head for crime (5)
8.A unit is ordered somewhere in North Africa (7)ANAGRAM of A UNIT IS
11.To some extent, it's of Iran's making (2,2,3)ANAGRAM of OF IRANS
14.Nimbleness of soldier in Italy manouvres (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (GI for SOLDIER+ITALY)
17.Flying up and down the touchline (3,2,4)
18.Itpushes up water rates in a new arrangement (8)ANAGRAM of RATES IN A
19.He has a taste for a bit of embroidery (7)
21.Doctor moves bit by bit and gets out of bed (7)
22.Court official chaired on high (6)
24.Shrub, one that's in rising demand (5)
26.Hard work one gets very much upset about (4)
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Created at 13.30 hrs IST on 16-06-2013

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