THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3207 of 16-06-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Hoped to rise from despair (7)ANAGRAM of DESPAIR
5 Bird in box on line (7)
9 Cut short a game of cards (7)
10 Selection of numberless choc-ices (7)
11 Reversible blade (5)
12 In the main he's unsuited for his work (4-5)
13 Manage to change over a menu (9)ANAGRAM of OVER A MENU
15 A song of the present day (5)
16 Such excuses are said to satisfy (5)
18 Gloomy supporters will, if their team's doing badly (9)
21 One deceiving a sculptor for example (9)
24 Appears to understand the manuscript (5)
25 South African flag (7)
26 A festive beverage for the nymph (7)
27 On reflection it's useful to motorists (4,3)
28 Poor dad is in contempt (7)ANAGRAM of DAD IS IN

1 A mix-up with a horse and sheep (7)
2 Joke about girl being very moral (7)
3 No one on the back and nothing added (9)
4 They're done to produce documents (5)
5 It's sinful the silly way Grace lies (9)ANAGRAM of GRACE LIES
6 Stay clear when hungry prima donna turns up (5)
7 Feel better and get dressed again (7)
8 Spendthrift Walter's reformed (7)ANAGRAM of WALTERS
14 Be hesitant, empty and sick at heart (9)
15 A case of building-up ready for the maiden flight (9)
16 Peaceful waters? (7)
17 It's obvious I've turned up to make an impression (7)
19 Treacle pudding for a tragic girl (7)ANAGRAM of TREACLE
20 Keep us up to the mark (7)
22 Points to the girl to follow (5)
23 Was angry getting the wrong grade (5)ANAGRAM of GRADE
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