Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3007 dated 16-08-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Worthless friend put to the test (6)
4.Intrude by chance or mistake (8)
9.Distant meteor destroyed (6)ANAGRAM of METEOR
10.Plucky airman of a bygone age? (8)
12. No energy? And no inclination apparently (8)
13.Seize a king before all others (6)
15.Yes, truly an inspiration (4)
16.He goes ahead to walk the dog (10)
19.Not having a steady position as a croupier perhaps (10)ANAGRAM of AS A CROUPIER
20.Fill gap with promotion (4)
23.Saving for growth (6)
25.Plates used for eating (8)
27.Setting great store by a spot of publicity (8)
28.We hear an officer is at the core of things (6)
29.Agency typist unpunctual - that's the pattern (8)
30.Wooden-faced beauty (6)

1.Talk about a point raised by a nurseryman (7)
2.It cuts down the lights coming from headlamps (9)ANAGRAM of HEADLAMPS
3.It's used by children to disconcert people (6)
5.To expose a lie, it needs hammering home (4)
6.Booked for being uncommunicative (8)
7.Usually eager to give consent (5)ANAGRAM of EAGER
8.From which to make the draw (7)
11.Mohammedan claims I am converted (7)ANAGRAM of CLAIMS I
14.Think things over in bed when perplexed (7)
17.Permissive play? (9)
18.Five hundred wrongly laid off - it;s a bloomer (8)ANAGRAM of D for FIVE HUNDRED+LAID OFF
19.Saucepan's ready for cooking a snipe (3,4)
21.Tell-tale governor (7)
22.The inane goddess (6)ANAGRAM of THE ANE
24.State the true figure (5)
26.Speed of a ship steaming to tie up (4)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 16-08-2015 from Bangalore

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