Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2968 of 16-11-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Rich source no longer available (4-3)
5.Refuse to agree to a climb-down we hear (7)
9.A game to cut short (7)
10.Scotsman going it alone. Was he wise? (7)
11.Girl fared badly (5)ANAGRAM of FARED
12.Crafty proprietor of the wine shop, right (9)ANAGRAM of WINE SHOP+R for RIGHT
13.Soverign bonds from which authors derive an income (9)
15.Perhaps some go round a number of ways (5)ANAGRAM of SOME+D for A NUMBER
16.Rub horse meat with hot spice (5)
18.well-filled vessel (3,6)
21.Put in a drink it could give a sour tang (9)ANAGRAM of A SOUR TANG
24.Dismisses part of the wind action we hear (5)
25.Outspoken article by G.B.Shaw (7)
26.Reward that may be paid as a matter of policy (7)
27.Still getting in late showing childish habits (7)ANAGRAM of LATE+YET for STILL
28. Maintained a member took part in a crooked deal (7)ANAGRAM of DEAL+LEG for MEMBER

1.Term commonly used for a thrashing - why? (7)
2.One takes something for it (7)
3.Early defence in court (3,6)
4.Circus performers? Maybe true or false (5)ANAGRAM of FALSE
5. Notice result of successful appeal (9)
6.simultaneous number of rounds or ovals set off (5)ANAGRAM of OVALS
7.Men ride out dressed in fur (7)ANAGRAM of MEN RIDE
8.Use rent from land holdings (7)ANAGRAM of USE RENT
14.New clue into a way to needle someone (9)ANAGRAM of CLUE INTO A
15.The average dandy intends no harm apparently (5,4)
16.Risk of getting left in church (7)
17.Temporary rule affecting green city outskirts (7)ANAGRAM of GREEN+CY for CITY OUTSKIRTS
19.Recoiling from drugs (7)
20.Continued to give the total in a rush (7)
22.Switch gear (5)
23.A letter to a Greek (5)
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 16-11-2014 from Bangalore

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