Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3181 of 16-12-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 The upper hand (7)
5 Mercy? Not half (7)
9 Gives no consideration (7)
10 Chasing a double century I hit out and get it (7)
11 No I am wrong, she was Ruth's mother-in-law (5)ANAGRAM of NO I AM
12 Post office (9)
13 Secret communications attachment for a rock-climber (9)
15 Employment exchange (5)
16 Stretchers used for carrying luggage (5)
18 An important employee is the lock-smith (3,6)
21 Head teacher is a source of interest (9)
24 Possibly amend given title (5)ANAGRAM of AMEND
25 Picture held in fancy (7)
26 Like hell cats in a melee (7)ANAGRAM of CATS IN A
27 Rawness can produce wrong ones (7)ANAGRAM of RAWNESS
28 More than one player is in new boots (7)ANAGRAM of IS BOOTS

1 If Fred's in trouble he may need them (7)ANAGRAM of FREDS IN
2 Sounds like a private bitterness that's harboured (7)
3 Swallow mother's feat (9)
4 They may be held in revulsion (5)
5 Seasonal review (9)
6 Bill's getting a new car, that's capital (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of CAR
7 Female Russian artisan in trouble (7)ANAGRAM of ARTISAN
8 Language of love (7)
14 Mere versifiers (4,5)
15 A pair of braces proverbially put together (3,3,3)
16 Duplicate parcel I made up (7)ANAGRAM of PARCEL I
17 Piece of armour frpm Russia, after the first century (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of RUSSIA
19 Kipling hero soon knocks up Japanese garments (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SOON
20 Rescued broken contracts (7)ANAGRAM of RESCUED
22 Number take cover from rebuke (5)
23 Catch a girl with nothing on (5)
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